Make a Digital Flip Book With DigiCel FlipBook

Making paper FlipBooks is fun and it’s a great way to way to share your creativity. All you need is a pencil, a pad of paper and an idea.

DigiCel FlipBook makes it way easier to make digital flip books and share them with everyone in the world.

In FlipBook you can erase perfectly and even better, you can undo. FlipBook also lets you copy and paste things from page to page so you don’t have to draw everything again and again on every page. You can also have a background on its own layer that you only have to draw once – unless you want to animate it too. You can put each character or object on its own layer and edit it separately. This makes drawing much easier.

They’re also more fun to share because you don’t have to concentrate on trying to flip the pages smoothly. You just pull out your phone and hit play. You can even add a soundtrack to add to the images and truly show people what you had in your head when you started.