AutoFill is an amazing feature that let’s you paint your entire scene in a few seconds. Just pick a color, select the layers that you want to paint and let her rip. Every enclosed area in the entire scene will be painted in a matter of seconds. AutoFill should be the first step in painting every scene. Paint what you can with AutoFill and then do the rest with our other powerful painting features.

Whether you call it opaquing or hidden line removal, AutoFill does it. Now you can watch your pencil tests without seeing the background through the character. And for an even better view of what’s going on in the scene paint each layer a different color by running AutoFill on each layer separately. Now you can exactly what’s going on in each layer without the background showing through your characters.

AutoFill is also perfect for painting frames or scenes where the same color is used in lots of different places in the frame, like a brick wall or splash or a frame full of bubbles.

AutoFill actually floods the entire frame with the selected color and then erases everything that isn’t enclosed. So the only thing left to do is to erase the negative space.

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