Automatic Rim Lights

A Rim Light is a light that shines out from around the edges of your character or object. They usually the result of a light shining on the character from behind.

Rim lights use FlipBook’s extra layers feature so select a layer behind a painted character.
Select the color your want for the rim light. You may want to make this color partially transparent.
Select the fill bucket and set it to “Mask” to keep the paint on the lower layer within the boundary of the character or object you’re painting.
Set the blur to “Out” so it will blur outward.
Set the amount to however many pixels you want the blur to extend.
Now when you click within the character or object and paint will be added to the layer behind the character and it will blur outward based on your setting.
You can adjust the color and the extent of the blur to get it the way you want it to be.

Once you’ve got the settings the way you want them it’s time to let FlipBook paint the rest of the frames for you. Since this feature will affect multiple frames it’s under the Action menu. An Action is another word for a Macro.

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