Pan, Zoom, Rotate

Introduction to FlipBook!

Here's an overview of the features in FlipBook 6. This video will be replaced when we get FlipBook 7 finished but in the meantime it will show you some of what you can do in FlipBook and a bit of how to do it. All of this is in FlipBook 7 too along with a lot of other new stuff. The rest of our videos go into much ...

A Simple Foreground Pan

In this video we'll show you how to do a simple foreground pan. Like all camera moves you want to pause on the frame where you want the move to begin. Then you position your foreground object, in this case it will be Jupiter, where you want him to be at the beginning of the pan. Then you go to the last frame of the pan ...

A Simple Zoom

Here's a quick and easy way to do a simple

Foreground Pan

In this video we do a simple foreground pan to make Jupiter walk across the screen instead of walking in place as he was ...