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Professional Animators Use FlipBook

The Professional Animators That Use DigiCel FlipBook Are Literally
The “Who’s Who” of Hand Drawn Animation!

Work In Progress!

Glenn Keane Aladdin Little Mermaid Beauty and the Beast Tarzan
Andreas Deja Lilo N Stitch Beauty and the Beast Lion King Aladdin
Eric Goldberg Alddin Looney Tunes Back In Action Hercules Pocahontas
James Baxter Hunchback Prince Of Egypt Enchanted SpongeBob Movie
Don Bluth The Secret of Nimh Land Before Time All Dogs Go To Heaven Dragon’s Lair
Shawn Keller Looney Tunes Aladdin Mulan Little Mermaid
Jason Ryan Monsters Vs Aliens Chicken Little Fantasia 2000 Meet The Robinsons
Dave Spafford The Secret of Nimh Space Jam Roger Rabbit Little Mermaid
Kathleen Quaife Tarzan Hercules Hunchback James and the Giant Peach
Nancy Beiman Treasure Plant Fantasia 2000 Hercules Tarzan II
Larry Whitaker Lion Kin 1 1/2 Lady and the Tramp II Little Mermaid II 101 Dalmations II