We’ll have a video for this before too long but the way you do a blur is just the same as doing a pan or a zoom.

Just go to the first frame of the blur, click on the blur icon, select the object you want to blur and adjust the value by dragging up or down in the image window.

Then go to the last frame of the blur, click on the blur icon, and set the values by dragging up or down.

Fade In

FlipBook lets you control the transparency of any level and it can adjust it gradually from frame to frame so you can fade any level in or out over time.  In this scene at about the 5 second mark we start fading in the black and white BG.

To do this select the Fade tool, then use it to select the object in the scene that you want to fade in and then just drag up to fade in (or and down to fade out).