Whether you just want to make your pencil test character opaque or you’re completely painting an entire scene, AutoFill is the place to start. It lets you paint an entire scene in just seconds. Completely fill your pencil tests with any color and never see the background through the character again. AutoFill can save you lots of time painting your scenes too. Got a character that’s mostly one color – AutoFill it. Gotta a character with the same color scattered all through it – AutoFill it.

Just pick a color, select the frames you want to paint and AutoFill does the rest. Every enclosed area in all of the selected frames will be painted in a matter of seconds. AutoFill should be the first step in painting every scene.

Paint By Numbers

This feature lets you use the number keys to determine how many frames you want to paint at once. Just pick the fill tool, pick your color then put the cursor inside whatever you want to paint and press a number key on the keyboard. FlipBook will paint the color into that spot in as many frames as you choose. And if you press 0 it will paint all the way to the end of the scene. Jump to 2:15 in the video to see this in action.