Scanning Backgrounds

Be sure to set your scanner’s software to full, 24-bit color.┬áTurn on Scale to Fit if you want your backgrounds to be the same size as your drawings. Otherwise FlipBook will not scale them and they we be as big as their image resolution allows. FlipBook has this option so you can scan in backgrounds that are bigger than the frame size in order to pan around or zoom in on them.

Scanning Cels

When you’re scanning cels for standard TV resolution we recommend that you set your scanner to 300 DPI and scan in pure black and white. This method has several benefits. It allows FlipBook to scale the images down to the actual frame size and anti-alias the images so you get smooth lines without jaggies. It also lets FlipBook make the white part of the page perfectly transparent and that helps the painting process to go much faster and produce better results.

If you’re scanning for HD resolution you should scan at 600 DPI but everything else remains the same.