Video Capture

Copy Stand

One of the things that made FlipBook famous in the beginning was how fast and easy it is to shoot your pencil test drawings. You can just click on the Capture icon and start capturing images as fast as you can handle the pages.

A copy stand with lights is best but if you don’t have one, just mount your camera on something stable and aim it at your drawings. These days, webcams can do a pretty good job of capturing images with enough quality for pencil test.

For the best quality make sure you have enough light. Then adjust the White Threshold to help make the paper disappear and set the Black Threshold and the Gamma to keep the lines looking their best.

Note: People often ask us what camera we recommend. One of the best cameras we’ve found lately is the Agent V6 from Australia. It’s a high quality USB webcam at a great price, about $75 USD depending on the current exchange rate. It comes with a standard 1/4-20 tripod mount, has manual focus and you can turn the auto exposure off. Our initial tests went quite well.

If you’re looking for a good, affordable webcam to shoot your animation you should check this one out.

Agent V6 Camera