The Xsheet Is FlipBook’s TimeLine

The XSheet is FlipBook’s timeline. Traditional animators use a vertical timeline because that’s how film goes through the projector. So every row is a frame and every column is a level. Levels are like layers but we stick with the traditional term because in FlipBook you can have layers inside of levels. The Background goes on the right and then the upper levels stack up to the left.

Insert Frames To Add Time

There are lots of ways to insert frames into the xsheet and they all start with selecting one or more frames at the point in the xsheet where you want the new frame(s) to go then, press the insert key if you have one. Or right-click on the row number and enter the number of frames you want to insert and the frame where you want to insert them. Then click on the Insert button. Or go to the Edit menu and select Insert.

Delete Frames To Remove Time

There are several ways to delete frames. Start by selecting the frame(s) that you want to delete. Then press the delete key if you have one or right-click on a row number and enter the number of frames you want to delete and click on the Delete button or
go to the Edit menu and select Delete. (not backspace)

Cut, Copy And Paste in the Xsheet

To Cut, Copy and Paste, select a cel, a row, a column or a range and then use the Edit menu, the icons or the shortcut keys to cut or copy the selection. Then click in the xsheet where where you want the images to go and paste. Copying and pasting creates a link between duplicate cels. Editing one of the copies will change all linked copies too. To break the link, turn AutoSave OFF and when you save your changes you will be asked whether to break the link or not.

Timing By The Numbers

FlipBook makes timing out your xsheets as easy as can be. Select any thumbnail and press a number key (1-9) on the keyboard to set the number of frames for which you want it to be displayed. (If you press Control first you can enter a number up to 99.) FlipBook will automatically select the next thumbnail so you can just press another number key to set the timing for that cel. So all you have to do is press one number key after another (or hold the key) to work your way down the xsheet setting the timing for each cel.

Slide Timing

One of the many ways that FlipBook provides to make it easy for you to edit your xsheets is the Slide feature. Just press the Alt key and then slide any thumbnail up or down and all the thumbnails below it will follow so you can move them all at once.

And for even more power you can select several adjacent levels and slide them all at once.

Add More Levels

Sometimes you need to add another level after you’ve already created your scene. In FlipBook you do this by going to the Edit menu and selecting Append Level. This will append another lever to the left side of the xsheet so the new level will be in front of any other levels you already have.