Scanning Pencil Drawings


FlipBook makes it easy to scan your pencil drawings and you can even use scanners with automatic feeders to do most of the work for you. FlipBook scans your images directly into the xsheet so you don’t have to name or import your files.

If you’re using letter size paper there are lots of choices for scanners but if you use standard 12-field animation paper there are very few. Both Epson and Brother make scanners that can scan standard 12-field animation paper automatically but the Brother does not work well at all on a Mac. Epson scanners tend to have the best drivers for both Mac and PC. The current model number of the one we like the best is the Epson Workforce WF-7610.

Color Depth
For scenes that you want to paint with the fill tool (bucket) you should scan in pure black and white (not greyscale). The brightness or threshold of the scanner should be bright enough to make eliminate most of the random dots on the paper but dark enough to retain the lines that you drew. If you scan in greyscale the greyscale in the images will stop the fill tool from filling your characters correctly.

Standard Definition scenes should be scanned at 300 DPI.
High Definition scenes should be scanned at 600 DPI.
FlipBook scales the images down to scene resolution and uses the extra pixels from the high resolution scans to create the anti-aliasing that makes the lines look nice and smooth.

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