Download FlipBook Anytime

Download the Free Trial

The FlipBook download runs as a trial version until it is unlocked. The trial version includes ALL of the FlipBook features and is not limited in anyway. But it does contain a permanent watermark. Once you buy FlipBook you get a code to unlock the features in the version you purchased. After that you can create new scenes without the watermark.

FlipBook for Windows runs on all versions of Windows
from Windows 95 through Windows 11.

Windows Logo to select the Windows version of the FlipBook download.

To Install the Free Windows Trial Version

run the setup file and accept the prompts.

FlipBook for Mac runs on
Tiger (10.4) through Mohave (10.14).

Apple Logo to select the version of the FlipBook download that runs on Macs.

FlipBook for Mac does not run on
Catalina or anything newer!

In Catalina Apple blocked all legacy apps from running on any future version of their operating system. Rather than rewriting FlipBook from scratch, we’re upgrading our iPad version to run on the new Macs. But unfortunately, that’s not ready yet.

But it is available now for your iPad and your iPhone.

To Install the Free Mac Trial Version unzip the download file

and copy the file into your Applications folder.