About Us

In 1999, we left our Ren and Stimpy roots behind and started a new company to get a fresh start designing new software that would have the same power but be much easier to use. So DigiCel FlipBook was designed from the ground up for studios, schools and students who want to follow the traditional animation process without weeks or months of training.

Klasky-Csupo was the first studio to pick up FlipBook during production of The Wild Thornberrys. Then they used it on Rugrats Go Wild. After that many of the animators went to work on Looney Tunes Back in Action for Warner Bros. When they got there they asked WB to get FlipBook for them to use. FlipBook was particularly helpful in matching all of the drawings to the live action backgrounds.

When Universal Studios start work on Curious George they had animators working all of the country so FlipBook made it easier for them to all submit their work for review and approval before sending in the final drawings.

Then FlipBook was used on The Simpsons Movie After and that was the first big test for our new Mac version because up until then everything had been done on PCs.

When work began on The Princess and the Frog Disney tried to get the animators to draw in the same software that the ink and paint department was using but after trying it the animators said “Animation is hard enough without making us use this software. We want FlipBook.”

Even though 3D animation has pretty much taken over the theaters, most of the good animation schools still teach 2D and many of them require students to take some 2D classes and use FlipBook to help them learn about frame-by-timing so FlipBook’s main customer base now is teachers and students. That’s why we offer our educational prices to everyone.