Made With FlipBook!

These studio movies were all made with FlipBook.

Animators used DigiCel FlipBook to make The Wild Thornberry's
Animators used DigiCel FlipBook to make Rug Rats Go Wild
Animators used DigiCel FlipBook to make Looney Tunes Back In Action
Disney Animators used DigiCel FlipBook to make Curious George
Disney Animators used DigiCel FlipBook to make Enchanged
Curious George was made with FlipBook
Teacher's Pet was made with FlipBook
The Princess and The Frog was made with FlipBook

These independent movies were also made with FlipBook

You can see why this video earned tons of awards. Not only is it very well done but it has a great message.

Don Bluth used FlipBook to make this music video  for Scissor Sisters. 

We love dogs and the crazy things they do. This dog does a bit more than most. 

MTV Brazil for the
Cannes Film Festival

The animators said, “It was pretty fun to animate and the final result was pretty cool!”

This student film was made at Sheridan College. I love the artistic imagination and creativity. 

Maybe this should be a public service announcement. Sometimes watching “people” can be fun when they’ve had too much to drink.

If this is his Walk assignment, Nikolaeva is definitely an over achiever. I love the natural looking lines in a great pencil test. 

Here is one of the cutest pencil tests I’ve seen. It has an adorable character and great animation. 

This video shows how traditional animators make the transition to 3D animation. They use FlipBook to work out the timing & spacing and use that as reference for Maya.

The infamous “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing”.  I love great to see the rough drawings. They give you an idea of what goes in to making great hand-drawn animation.