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Flipbook’s are fun and easy to make. And it’s even easier with the right Flipbook software. DigiCel FlipBook is unquestionably the easiest animation software use because it’s the most intuitive. And it also does everything you need to make great flipbooks and cartoon movies you can share on the net.

It’s based on the idea of a standard media player that everyone is familiar with. Then you add some drawing and painting tools, throw in camera moves tools for staging and then finish it with a simple movie export tool.

You can DRAW directly into FlipBook with a graphics tablet draw on paper you can SHOOT your rough drawings in seconds. Then SCAN your final drawings for the best image quality. It’s easy to add SOUNDTRACKS and even doLIP SYNC. And FlipBook lets you PAINT one frame at a time or all together. If you want, you can IMPORT artwork from other programs.

Then you can add PAN, ZOOM, ROTATE, BLUR and DISSOLVE and when you’re ready you can  EXPORT  your finished movies as QuickTime or AVI files, which you can EDIT into longer movies using any video editor.

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