FlipPad Makes Animation Even Easier

FlipPad is a new version of FlipBook designed especially for the iPad.
You get the simplicity of an iPad and the Apple Pencil with FlipBook’s ease of use.

Timing Is Almost Everything

Timing controls when drawings appear on screen. If the drawings play too close together the action is too fast. Too far apart and it’s too slow.

FlipPad Makes Timing Easier with REAL-TIME EDITING

That’s quite the pun because FlipPad actually edits time in real-time. FlipPad lets you adjust the timing in real-time, while the scene is playing. Every other app makes you stop playback, find the frame where you want to change the timing, open a menu, adjust the timing and then play the scene to see if you made it better or worse.

Only FlipPad lets you insert or delete frames while the scene loops so you can see the changes immediately. Since animators learn timing through trial and error FlipPad helps you learn faster by letting you try more options faster.

FlipPad’s Timeline Helps You See What’s Going On

FlipPad’s timeline is a traditional xsheet. But our sheet comes with thumbnail images to make it even easier to see what’s going on in the scene. Other apps with this feature cost 10 times more. The xsheet is vertical because that’s the way the pros, studios and schools all want it. So every row is a frame and every column is a layer. Images are automatically held until you replace them with another image or stop the hold.

Spacing Is Everything Else

Spacing controls where drawings appear on the screen. Spacing is the movement from one drawing to the next. Too much movement and the action is too fast. Not enough movement and it’s tool slow.

FlipPad’s LightBox Has More Flexible Onion Skin Features

FlipPad’s Lightbox (onion skin) is more versatile than any other onion skin feature onion skin we’ve ever seen and it’s the easiest because it works just like a traditional animation disc. When you open an image it automatically goes on top of the Lightbox and the bottom one automatically falls off. If you want to animate “straight ahead” (one frame after another) just open the next frame and you can see several previous images ghosted behind the one you’re drawing. So you know exactly where to draw. If you want to draw pose to pose, just draw the first pose and that image stays on the Lightbox while you draw the last pose. Then they both stay on the Lightbox while you draw the inbetween. So you know exactly where to draw. And it doesn’t matter how far apart the key frames are. No other app does that. You can even open images in other layers to so you can see everything you want to help you know exactly where to draw.

Improved Drawing With Smoother Lines

When you zoom in on the lines it becomes painfully obvious how much better the line quality is in FlipPad. Better anti-aliasing in FlipPad makes the lines look smoother and the fact that we store the lines in their own layer above the paint makes them composite better onto the paint and the background. FlipPad also edits the lines with separate tools so you can erase the lines without touching the paint.

Unique Painting Features Make Painting Faster & Easier

FlipPad stores the paint in its own layer below the ink lines for better compositing and for more powerful painting tools. FlipPad lets you drag the. paint bucket like a brush to paint adjacent areas with a single swipe. It also lets you paint. all the enclosed areas in the whole frame with a single click and hold. And to go even further you can paint every enclosed area in the entire layer with a single. command. And of course you can erase the paint with a single click and without touching the lines. No. other app gives you this level of speed, ease of use and control.

See How Easy FlipPad Is To Use

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The next iPad version will also run on your Mac

Next iPad Version Runs on Macs