When Apple announced the Apple Pencil we decided it was time to do a new version of FlipBook for the iPad and we couldn’t resist calling if FlipPad. Then Apple made some big changes in Catalina that prevented legacy apps from running on any of their newer operating systems. So we decided to upgrade our iPad version to run on your Mac too.  This will let you move seamlessly back and forth between your iPad and your Mac. There’s also a new user interface that is smoother and easier than ever. These new apps give you the simplicity of an iPad and the power of a Mac. The iPad version is in the App Store now. So you can be creative whenever and wherever inspiration strikes. The Mac version will be there as soon as possible. 

Mohave & Older Use FlipBook

So if you’re still running one of Apple’s earlier operating systems from Tiger (10.4) through Mohave (10.14) then you can use the original, award winning FlipBook that helped create all the greatest 2D movies since the beginning of the 21st century with all the great features you’re used to and it’s still compatible with FlipBook for Windows.

Catalina & Newer Use FlipPad

DigiCel FlipPad has a clean, new look & feel designed specifically for the iPad and the Mac. It runs on iOS 9 and above right now and we will soon release it for the Mac to run on Catalina and newer. 

Now you get the same interface & commands on both your iPad & your Mac. It also lets you draw with your Apple Pencil on your iPad & take advantage of a bigger screen & a real keyboard on your Mac.

For now, FlipPad cannot share scenes with FlipBook. 

FlipPad is available for the iPad now.

The Mac version should be available soon.