2D Animation Software

FlipBook 2D Animation Software Screenshot

2D animation software needs to be fast and easy. It needs to be so easy that it just comes naturally and lets you focus on the animation instead of the software. And it needs to be fast enough that you don’t have to sit around waiting on it all the time.

FAST 2D Animation Software

FlipBook is so fast that you can make changes while the scene is looping and you will see your changes the next time it plays through the loop.

Another thing that makes it fast is that you don’t have to spend time learning how to use it like you do with other programs. Most people never even bother to read the help file or watch the tutorial videos. They just start using it because everything works the way you expect it to.

EASY 2D Animation Software

DigiCel FlipBook is as easy as it gets. The image window looks like a media player and the Xsheet shows you thumbnail images of exactly what’s in every frame.

POWERFUL 2D Animation Software

But even though FlipBook is easy, it still does everything you need to make great animated movies.


If you have a tablet computer or a monitor that uses a stylus like a Microsoft Surface or a Wacom Cintiq you can draw directly into FlipBook – right on the screen. You can also plug in Wacom graphics tablet and draw on that.


Or if you prefer to draw on paper you can SHOOT your rough drawings under a camera in seconds to check the timing and spacing.


Then when your cleanups are ready you can scan them in for the best image quality and the highest resolution.


Import your sound and slide it up and down to sync it with the animation. FlipBook also helps you do lip synch by providing a set of standard mouth shapes that you can drop into place and even stretch to fit.


FlipBook lets you  your animation quickly and easily with features that go way beyond having to point and click to fill every little spot in the frame. In most cases you can even paint several frames at a time automatically.


Just click and drag to add pans, zooms, rotation and even blurs and fades to your scenes.


You can import still image and movies into FlipBook and draw right over the top of them then export your scenes as QuickTime Movies or Windows AVI files and load them into your favorite video editor to combine all your individual scenes into the final movie to post on the internet or play on TV.

It was designed by animators for animators. That’s why the top professional animators from the major studios and the the top animation schools use FlipBook.

Take a look at some of our feature tutorial videos to see how fast and easy FlipBook is.