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The Best Pencil Test Program Ever!

DigiCel FlipBook really is the best pencil test software.DigiCel FlipBook Pencil Test Screen Shot The animators on every one of the last major 2D animation films used FlipBook for their pencil tests. In fact FlipBook is used more for pencil test than anything else because it’s so fast and easy.

One of the things that makes FlipBook perfect for pencil test is the lightbox. Our lightbox leaves all the others in the dark ages. FlipBook doesn’t just show the previous and the next image like the others do. FlipBook puts your images on a stack the same way animators put their drawing on a pegbar. The images go on the stack in the order that you select them. And FlipBook automatically takes them off when there are more than you want. This gives you complete control over the images that you see whether they’re previous and next or key frames or golden poses.

FlipBook also lets you add images from other layers or levels in your xsheet and it automatically updates them. So if you’re animating in level 1 and you select an image from level 2 FlipBook will always update that image to show you the image from level 2 that will be on the screen with the image in level 1 that you’re working on.

So while you’re in level 1 you can always see a ghosted image of what’s in the background along with what’s in any other level that you want.

Another great pencil test feature is our automatic background compositing. Whenever you leave FlipBook idle for a moment it uses that time to update the playback video with any changes you’ve made. So unless your scene is really long, it’s always ready to watch anytime you click on the Play icon.

Check out our YouTube Page for videos on what FlipBook can do and how to do it.