The Truth About Reviews

Here’s some insight into the reviews in the App store. Some of them are perfectly correct and some of them are way off.

We did have a problem with frequent crashing in the beginning. We probably released FlipPad a little too soon. But now we have a 98% crash record. Many of the other reviews are based on misunderstandings.

Here are some examples.


One reviewer gave us 4 stars but complained that “the onion skin doesn’t work on the frames you previously drew if you exit, so you can’t continue on that story unless you redo or start over”. I don’t know how he got that impression but it’s totally wrong. Instead of limiting you to a previous frame and maybe a next frame like other programs do FlipPad puts images on the lightbox in the order that you select them. So if you want to see drawing number 1 and 2 while you work on three just tap 1, 2, 3. And if you want to see a key frame at 9 and a key frame at 1 while you work on frame 5 you just tap on 9, 1, 5. And it doesn’t matter whether they were drawn today or a month ago.

But FlipPad’s lightbox goes beyond that. It also shows you any image frame any level that will also be on screen with the one you’re drawing. So if you’re working on frame 5 in level 2 and there’s a drawing in frame 1 of level 1 that will still be on screen in frame 5 FlipPad let’s you see that drawing on the lightbox too. You always get to see everything that matters.


One reviewer gave us 1 star and wrote, “This app is terrible,… the solid color is faint and light colored”. This is completely based on a misunderstanding of the program. FlipPad gives you total control over the opacity of every color in the palette. So this reviewer must have set it to be faint and light and didn’t realize that all he had to do was move the slider to make it solid.

Another reviewer gave us 1 star and wrote, “I was using this app for about 30 minutes sketching my frames, I went to add some color, and Only found basic colors! I’m disappointed in the waste of potential”. The FREE version is limited to basic colors. Full color range and custom palettes are part of the upgrade that costs less than 2 bucks.

And another reviewer gave us 1 star and wrote, “Terrible app, … It was so close but only 8 or 7 colors it sank to a one star”.

For 2 bucks you get 16 million colors that you can organize into custom palettes with full opacity control.


You need to try it out for yourself and see how well it does what you want. If you have questions – please use the contact info below and ask.