DigiCel Cartoon Animation Software!

You can draw, play & share your cartoon animation.

FlipBook cartoon animation software has been used for over 20 years in grade schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges, universities and most of the major studios to help students teachers and pros do cartoon animation.

Everybody Loves Cartoons

As a kid I couldn’t wait to get up on Saturday morning and watch the animated cartoons. Those jokes and gags and funny scenes kept me entertained for hours. Today the characters have changed but I still love watch cartoon animation, especially 2D. And with shows like the Simpsons it’s not just for kids anymore.

FlipBook has been used to make TV cartoon series and movies including Looney Tunes, Rugrats, Monkeys Frogs and Tigger.

These studio movies were all made with FlipBook.

Animators used DigiCel FlipBook to make The Wild Thornberry's
Animators used DigiCel FlipBook to make Rug Rats Go Wild
Animators used DigiCel FlipBook to make Looney Tunes Back In Action
Disney Animators used DigiCel FlipBook to make Curious George
Disney Animators used DigiCel FlipBook to make Enchanged
Curious George was made with FlipBook
Teacher's Pet was made with FlipBook
The Princess and The Frog was made with FlipBook

Best Cartoon Animation Software

FlipBook has several advanced features designed specifically for making animation cartoon. If you change a color palette, the changes will be reflected in all of the scenes that use that color palette. You also get staging features that let you do camera moves like pan, zoom and rotate along with blurs and dissolves. You can even add automatic and articulated shadows and highlights. And FlipBook is incredibly easy to use unlike other cartoon animation software that has a learning curve as steep as its price.

If you are a cartoon creator or want to make your own cartoon show, then Flipbook is the best option for you.

Flipbook Animation Cartoon Software for Window & MacBook

Make fun flipbook-style cartoons on Windows and MacBook with easy software for beginners. Draw, animate, and share your creations easily. Flipbook Works on both types of computers. This is great for people who love drawing and want to make their own cartoons.