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Easier To Learn!

FlipBook Makes Animation Easier To Learn because it's so easy to use but it's also designed to help you learn the principles of ...


Easier To Teach!

FlipBook Makes Animation Easier To Teach because it's so easy for students to learn. So teachers get to focus on teaching animation ...


Easier To Do!

DigiCel FlipBook Makes Animation Easier To Do! The natural, intuitive interface that makes it easier to learn also makes it easier ...

FlipBook 2D Animation Software

Everybody’s Favorite 2D Animation Software

DigiCel FlipBook is undeniably the easiest 2D animation software you can get. Other 2D animation software is either too hard to learn, too hard to use or doesn't do enough. Even though FlipBook is easy, it still does everything you need to make great animated movies. It was designed by animators ...