Introduction to FlipBook

This video shows you what FlipBook can do and how easy it is to do it.

FlipBook does everything you need to create your own animated movie.

FlipBook lets you capture your roughs under a camera for speed and convenience, scan your cleanups for quality or draw right into the app with a stylus. Once your images are in the app FlipBook lets you adjust your timing while the scene plays so you can see the results immediately. This is the fastest way to improve your animation and the fastest way to learn better timing.

FlipBook also provides specialized tools to paint your drawings much faster than you can with any other app.  You can drag the bucket like a brush and you can even paint one color into several frames or the entire level with a single click.

Then you can pan, zoom and rotate your scenes to direct the users attention and make them more interesting and appealing.

When you’re ready you can export your scenes into a variety of formats with a large choice of codecs to help control the quality and size of the export files.